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A single system running multiple websites including Villas in Sri lanka, Eden Villas in Sri Lanka, and sites for infividual villas using a common backend and database.


Kurdish search engine with instant answers and general web search. Coded Solr based text search backend, Postgres based instant answers, Scrapy based spider, and API.
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Venture Radar


Fast and efficient scraping of information about technology companies from multiple sources

Data visualisation

Interpolation and graphing using Numpy and Matplotlib. Undisclosed client.


A digital goods marketplace for synthesizer samples. Large secure downloads, integration with multiple APIs. Backend, integration with multiple APIs, frontend development and design implementation. Supervising other developers working on the project.
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Novelty messages. Backend including printing integration, and front end to match supplied visual designs.
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A guide to financial and investment terminology with full explanations. A simple but flexible Django site. All design, code and content.
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Email: ten.zsreteip@emearg

Phone: +44 7421026904

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Web site and app development


Complex website and app development using the Django framework for rapid development of reliable sites, apps and APIs.


Semantic HTML5


Spidering and scraping

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Spidering and scraping from large scale spidering for general web search, to niche scraping for specific information, usually using Scrapy.



Numerical computing

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Numerical computing, particularly with financial applications


Cross platform app for embedded medical devices, mobile and desktop