Your tech, finance and strategy expert

What I do

Are you are business person who wants advice on technology or a technology person who needs advice on business and finance?

Do you have an idea for an app and do not know whether it is viable? Do you need help with strategy and planning technology for you business from someone who understands both?

Examples of work I have done include.

  • Acting as a "virtual CTO (Chief technology Officer)" giving long term advice.
  • Helping a client hire and manage developers for a website, checking their competence and the quality of work.
  • Verifying the technical feasibility and the market prospects of an idea for a mobile app.
  • Estimating the cost of developing a complex website, and advising what software should be used to develop it.

Who I am

I am an experienced programmer who has enough expertise in business and finance to be cited in books and academic journals.

My previous career required not just financial analysis, but spending a lot of time talking to people who ran big business (such as FTSE 350 companies), asking the right questions, and understanding a variety of businesses.

That is why I have something unusual to offer, that combination of skills to figure out how to make technology work for your business.


  • Over a decade of programming experience
  • Author of Moneyterms which is frequently cited in academic journals
  • Business designer (a client facing role dealing with everything from requirements to acceptance testing) at what is now LSEG Technology
  • Analyst at a stockbroker and then a fund manager, in Asia and the UK
  • Analyst at a now defunct investment dotcom, where I was also the liaison between my department and the developers


  • MSc in Finance
  • MBA