Customers and testimonials


vCases provides a complex web app for improving medical students diagnostic skills by providing online training and testing using simulated cases. By practicing students improve their clinical reasoning skills.

Graeme is the best kind of consultant/coder. We started out slow together, and as I tested him with increasingly critical tasks he consistently took ownership of the issues and worked to recommend and implement cost-effective solutions.

—Paul Howell, Chief Technologist, vCases

StudentStay allows students to find accommodation nationally from many providers.

We have been working with Graeme for more than 3 years now. After trying a variety of Python developers/consultants, Graeme stood out from the crowd. His integrity, honesty and knowledge happened to be winning combination of characteristics.

Graeme seems to thrive presenting him with complex problems, he always thinks ahead and flagging potential issues we as company never considered. His cultural and professional experience is extremely helpful as he is patient and has the capability to speak and understand the brief from non-technical clients like myself.

—Pim Assen, Managing Director, StudentStay UK Limited


This is a simple site, a financial encylopedia but provides a great example of how simple but custom functionality can make a site easier to manage. I have written all the content of the and it is a showpiece of my knowlege of business and finance: it is frequently cited in academic journals.